Upcycling Design Philosophy

The future lies in the past

Creating new things from old stuff, with a passion for detail and a love of the environment – that’s the philosophy of Komfortzone.Berlin.

I make handmade unique pieces of art ware – furniture and decoration – from the leftovers of a wealthy society. Items, that have already been appreciated by our grandmothers, carry their own stories with them and appear in new light upon upcycling. The choice and combination of material support a special approach to form, function and design.

At Komfortzone.Berlin, trash is considered a useful resource. The concept of sustainability is put into practice. The choice of material, its treatment and re-combination are central to my work. That’s how the unique pieces gain uncomparable characteristics.

Sustainable, ecological, functional, stylish. As unique as we are ourselves.


Due to a high request Komfortzone.Berlin will offer workshops in the near future so upcycling art can become accessible to more people. Dates and information COMING SOON, PROMISE.